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The Roto 2000 truck/ car rotisserie will eliminate the many hours of laying on your back to do your restoration. The rigid three leg end frame design helps to prevent any unwanted body stress. Many other car rotisserie models being sold often sag or bow in the middle from the weight because their units lack many features including a third support leg, gusseting, or the use of thicker steel. 

Customers...send in your truck or car rotisserie restoration photos and see them below if we use them.

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auto rotisserie

Al Jardine, founding member of the "Beach Boys" and his Hemi Cuda built by rockstarsandmusclecars.com

Customer Feedback

 "Dear Roto2000, Everything got here quickly and packaged well. After taking a close look at your car rotisserie I realize I made the right choice. This is built way better than the one I was going to buy from a vendor at the local car show and yours was better priced. I already have the car mounted and alot of the crud and rust stripped in just one day! There is no way I will attempt another restoration without a car rotisserie. Thanks again, Vince P."


 "I wish I would have had a car rotisserie years ago. We are now spending about 1/2 the time that it would have taken before and nothing gets missed. With several employees on the time clock in my shop, the Roto 2000 will pay for itself in no time and the guys really like using it. Your recommendation about using it in the paint booth worked great too!!"
Thanks Again!
Rick Murphy, R&B Classic Restorations

"Hello Roto 2000, Thanks again. Let me know if the pics are okay.  After checking out several different companies that make these restoration rotisseries, I decided to go with the Roto 2000 with hydraulics. I am very glad I did. This is an impressive piece of equipment. It's very sturdy and easy to use. The hydraulic rotisserie makes the job go much smoother. Also, it only took a couple of days for it to be shipped, once I placed my order. The customer service is great and whenever I called the company, I was able to speak to a knowledgeable and friendly person. I would highly recommend the Roto 2000 with hydraulics!! Thanks Steve Unlimitedrc@bellsouth.net "

"I would like to think I did my homework researching car rotisseries. My experiences building street rods the last 40 years, tells me this effort was rewarded with a quality designed and built (safe) product. I am glad I added the convenience of the jacks and metal casters. I appreciated the assistance and reassurance of your timely phone call. With confidence, I adjusted the "T" bar, safely finding the right balance and was giving one hand demo spins to inquisitive friends that same day. Thanks for your great product and friendly service. I would highly recommend you and Roto 2000 to all those looking for such a product. My only regret is that I waited this long to buy one."
 Dave Strand in Spokane, WA

Dear Roto,  This is the greatest thing ever. It is very easy to use and is definitely the most useful tool I have ever purchased. I will recommend you to all of my car club buddies.

Sean Carlson


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