Shipping Information

We offer the fastest shipping and order processing. We will never "sit" on your order and all Roto 2000's and it's available options are ready to ship out within 48 hours from the time payment is received. IF we are ever out of stock on an item, you will know about it before you make payment. Factors that DO add time to order processing and arrival times are:

  • Mailing your payment: We are in Iowa, depending on your location it may take a week before we receive any mailed payments

  • Personal or Business Checks: These must first clear the bank before your order will be shipped.

  • Shipping delays: These are rare but are possible and can be caused by many factors including weather. 
  • Holidays / Weekends

Shipping Insurance
All of our shipments automatically come with 100% shipping insurance included through our carrier. 
There is no paperwork for you to fill out. Just look over your shipment when it arrives. IF in the rare case it is damaged let the delivery driver know about it and have them note it on the delivery invoice then contact us and we will cover your options as far as correcting the damage issue to your satisfaction. Do not removed the damaged Roto 2000 from its shipping pallet until you have contacted us.

Shipping Charges
Customer is responsible for all shipping and handling charges and any additional services that are required to make final delivery to them.

Online Tracking of your Order
We offer online tracking of your order. Once your Roto 2000 leaves us and goes to the shipper you will be e-mail a pro tracking # and the shippers website info where you can track your order. With this Pro # you can visit our shippers website to see current shipment location and estimated delivery date. It also allows us to see that you have received your shipment and the date that you received it.